Kontura India Limited is a Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) Company with an extremely strong global presence, thanks to our philosophy of Make in India, extensive distribution network and world class quality.

Brands that enjoy high recall and loyalty

Since inception, the brands of the Company have come to epitomize quality and reliability. Its flagship brands Kontura are well recognized and have earned a cache in the minds of consumers. Kontura is a brand led marketing organization and works hard to create, sustain and elevate its range of home grown brands.

Kontura factories are highly automated and support world class manufacturing technology that ensures high quality of products manufactured. Our infrastructure spans:

Making it in India,Taking it to the world

Kontura India Limited is the country’s leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) manufacturer, producing a wide range of world class industrial and consumer electrical products. The Company works in step with the Make in India initiative and has an extensive production and distribution network across India and the world. Kontura manufacturers 90% all its products in house. The Company has an extremely strong global presence across 50 countries with manufacturing units in China, Europe, Africa and Latin America apart from 7 manufacturing locations in India.

Powering market penetration with unmatched distribution strengths

Kontura extensive network of distributors works to its advantage in reaching the far corners of the country and the world. Within India alone the Company has a presence in over 1 lac retail outlets that are serviced by an extensive distribution network. The Company also has a chain of exclusive brand showrooms that caters to both industrial and consumer products. We are also the first FMEG Company every to offer 24X7 customer service that allows every product owner to avail of services in their own language. Our customer service team works with 9 different languages and caters to customers in over 400 districts.